Apple Mac Support

In recent years the Mac computer has become increasingly popular, due in no small measure to the excellent iPod and iPhone. Since Apple's move to Intel based CPUs in January 2006, it is now possible to run Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX applications on the same computer, meaning that you can get the best of both worlds (though you may well not want to run Windows again after using OS X!) The machines are beautifully made, and together with the super stable operating system, are justifyably popular with a large number of users. I'm sure Macs will play an increasingly big part in the future of the computing world.
Apple iMac
I recognised this trend very early on, and decided that, in order to give the very best service to my clients, I should be proficient in dealing with both PC's and Mac's and therefore undertook the necessary training. The Mac OS is hugely stable, and because it runs on Mac computers only, is not subject to the raft of compatibility and virus problems PC users can suffer. They still occasionally have their problems though, and these issues cannot perhaps be dealt with quite as easily as PC's. However, the component parts of a Mac are generally of a higher spec, and this often makes the Mac worthy of repair, whereas with a PC, replacement would sometimes be cheaper and more cost effective.
As with my PC services, I offer a complete solution to all your Mac support needs. I am able to repair, upgrade and maintain ex-warranty Macs, often more promptly and at a lower price than Apple dealers. I can also assist with choosing a new Mac, transferring your files from your existing machine (PC or Mac), and giving introductory training if required to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Call me on 01202 805055 to discuss getting your Mac working and up to speed again.