Computer Services

PC and Laptop Repair

Computer and Laptop Repair

I can repair any machine, from any manufacturer (subject to the availability of components.) I can also upgrade computers, as well as offering expert advice on choosing a new machine and helping you set it up. To learn more about my computer repair and upgrade services, please click here.
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data Recovery and Backup

I can recover your documents, pictures and other files from all manner of failed media including hard drives (internal & external), USB memory sticks, camera memory cards and floppy disks. Click here or call 01202 80 50 55 for more information about my data recovery services.
Virus Removal

Virus & Malware Removal

If you find that your PC is acting somewhat strangely, and seems to have a mind of it’s own it may be infected with a computer virus or spyware. I can remove this nasty, unwanted software from your machine, and leave you able to use your computer with confidence. Click here for more information or call me on 01202 80 50 55
Computer Healthchecks

Computer Healthchecks

I can perform a health check on your computer to make sure it’s operating at it’s peak efficiency. The procedure will leave you with a system that is faster, more secure and less liable to freezing and other errors. To learn more about the computer health check, please click here or phone 01202 80 50 55.
Wired & Wireless Networking

Wired and Wireless Networking

Want to experience the freedom to access the internet in any part of your home or office, check your email on your laptop and use the internet? With a network installation you can. You can also share files, printers and more. Call now on 01202 80 50 55 or click here for more information.
Targeted Tuition


Do you want to learn how to do specific things with your computer? My 'Targeted Tuition' service is an efficient and pleasant way of learning to use just the applications you need or are interested in (for example digital photography) . Click here or call 01202 80 50 55 for more information.
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