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Computer Healthchecks
Wouldn't it be great if your computer always started up and ran as fast as the day you first used it!

Unfortunately (not unlike people) computers slow down with age. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the build up of temporary files, the installation of redundant software and corruptions within the Windows registry.

Fortunately help is at hand

There are a number of things that I can do to make your computer safer, faster and more efficient, as well as checking for any impending problems such as a failing hard disk drive. I check a series of key areas on your computer and make sure that everything works the way it should. This includes system updates, virus scans, etc. (see below for full details.) Once I complete the checks, I discuss with you what I discovered, what errors were corrected, and I'll offer suggestions on what you can do to improve performance or prevent problems in the future. Think of it as a Service and MOT for your machine.

The healthcheck covers the following areas:-

  • Install Windows and MS Office updates via Windows Update
  • Check function of AntiVirus and Firewall protection.
  • Check application and system logs for errors.
  • Remove unnecessary startup applications and services
  • Remove temp files and empty Recycle Bin
  • Check hard drive and filesystem for errors correcting if necessary
  • Registry Clean and Optimisation
  • Security audit including 'quick scan' for spyware.
  • Remove dust contamination from system's internal cooling fans
  • Advice re possible, effective future upgrades
  • Advice re data security including backups.
  • Consultation to discuss any issues you may have
Please Call me on 01202 805055 or 07976 805623 for help with your computer problem
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