Targeted Tuition

Computer Tuition
This is a recent service I have introduced due to popular demand. Many of my clients have told me that they have tried to learn to use their computers by buying books and going on courses. These courses and books are no doubt excellent, the only trouble is that they cover many topics - unfortunately not necessarily specific ones my clients are interested in.

So what could I do?

I have introduced a new service called 'targeted tuition.' You decide what you would like to learn about, tell me, and I will show you how. Simple. Please note I do not pretend to be a replacement for comprehensive courses and books - just an alternative should you want to learn specific things about your computer.

Sessions can include for example:-

  • How to do simple file operations - copy items onto writeable CD or DVD
  • Installing new software and accessories
  • How to use the computer to store, manipulate and display photographs
  • Using the computer for word processing tasks
  • Using Internet and Email
  • Installing and using Skype to talk to friends and family
  • Using an MP3 player with your machine
  • Synchronising contacts with your mobile phone

and just about anything else you could possibly want to do with your computer!

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