Data Recovery & Backup

Data Recovery
Data recovery is really the last resort. Existing clients are given all the advice and encouragement I can to avoid this happening. The scenario is that you have been using your computer quite happily, and all of a sudden, the computer freezes. You switch off, restart the machine, but you still cannot get your system to work. It may come up with the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), it may be that the computer starts, but you cannot access your files, or it may be that all you get is a nasty clicking sound from the computer.
I provide hard drive repair and data recovery services from all manner of storage devices from Floppy Disks, USB Memory and Flash storage through to hard disk drives and RAID storage arrays. I can help you in every step of the process, from providing effective backup strategy through to handling your failed media and the resulting data recovery process.

I have an established track record in recovering client data - everything from complete company accounts on a client's company server to individual documents on a memory stick - school coursework and degree thesis for example.

You may of course decide that the data on your hard drive is not worthy of the expense, but I have found that increasingly people value the data on their machines, be-it documents, photographs and other media. Recovery of the data may not be that difficult or expensive...
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