Computer Router
Today we all expect to be able to access the internet in any part of our home or office as well as checking for new email messages on our laptops and mobile phones. The freedom that a wireless network provides makes all this possible, and more. A wireless network installation also means that there is no need to install untidy cabling. You get all the benefits of a computer network: the ability to share files, share a printer and the ability to access it all from anywhere in your home or office without tripping over unsightly cables.
I can help you:
  • Share your Internet connection
  • Go Wireless and Unplug your Laptop
  • Secure Your Network from unwanted intrusion by hackers etc.
  • Share a printer
  • Share documents
  • Add or Move a Computer to Your Network
  • Establish a new internet service or change providers

In short, I can make all your computers and other internet devices work optimally on your Home or Small Office network.

I have been offering networking services since 1996 and have valid, verifiable networking qualifications and experience in the industry.

Security is of course all important and, when I install your wireless network, you also get the added reassurance that you will be accessing the internet on a totally secure wireless connection. There is no need to worry about nearby computer users using your wireless network or accessing your personal information because I will ensure that your sensitive information is secure whilst you surf.

I can connect your desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and any other wireless devices (bar possibly that new games console!) securely using the latest encryption standards ensuring your systems are totally protected.

There's no doubt about it, wireless technology is a real revelation! However it is still much slower (and arguably less reliable) than the traditional wired ethernet connection, and you may choose to opt for an installation via CAT5 or CAT6 cable (especially if you are a business user.) I don't do cable installations personally as I find this is best done by a telecoms engineer (I know a few good ones so give me a call.)

If there is anything you’re not sure about then please just ask and I will give you as much information as I can and help you choose the best type of installation for you.
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