PC & Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repair
I can repair any machine, from any manufacturer (subject to the availability of components of course.) I can also upgrade computers, but will not hesitate to say if the machine is either beyond economic repair, or the upgrade would not be appropriate given the age of the computer.

In these cases I will recommend a replacement, and help you set it up, transfer your valuable documents, pictures, music, emails, address book, internet favourites etc. from your old machine as well as giving brief tuition to get you up and running on your new machine with the minimum of fuss.

I realise that your computer is important to you.

Sometimes this is for work reasons, and it is clear that clients simply cannot function without them.

Sometimes I get clients who tell me that I can take my time over the repair - they do not really believe they will miss it too much. In almost all cases those same clients telephone within a short period of time (sometimes within a few hours!) asking when their computer will be returned.

I truly understand that your computer is an essential part of your everyday life. You use it to communicate with friends and colleagues, shop, bank, access your precious photographs etc. and it forms an important part of your life. That's why I always repair all clients machines as soon as humanly possible, often the same day, even if I have to take it away for workshop repair. It also saves me clogging up my workshop space!

Whatever the original manufacturer of your computer, Dell, HP, Packard Bell, Custom Build, and yes Apple Mac as well, I can either repair it, or offer a more cost effective solution if appropriate.
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