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I like to think that what sets me apart from other tech support providers is my approachability and professionalism. Below are a few things my clients have to say about me (in no particular order...)

David first came to my rescue approximately 8 years ago to install a new computer – he was the best find I ever made in Yellow Pages! My conference management work relies on trouble-free computing and David sees to that. He is professional, courteous and 100% reliable and, depending on the urgency of the situation, will come out the same day to fix the problem. David even came out to me on a weekend after my computer died coming up to an event we were organising and took me to look for a new one, offering advice and support – only to end up building me one from scratch to my specifications!

At the end of the day, it’s total peace of mind …….

Sue Percy
Judy Lane Consulting – Conference Management
Countrywide Motorhomes was recommended to David Rickard of Antech, almost a decade ago when we were a relatively small business. We had been attempting to cope in house, with all manner of IT issues, but realized we needed professional assistance. It soon became apparent that David was able to absorb any problems that we as a business might throw at him. David has continued to look after all the business’s computer based needs as our business has grown from a single site to being part of a group with multiple sites. David has proved his ability in this field on numerous occasions and we have full confidence and no hesitation to recommending his services to business’s large or small. David has always been a pleasure to work with and has always been sensitive to working along side our staff members in a busy work environment.

David Carpenter
Motorhome Dealer Group
I have known David Rickard for 15 years when I moved to Bournemouth. He was recommended to me and over the years has been a constant support as I know nothing about computers. He is a reliable person and his response to my calls for help and his advice on upgrades has never been at fault.

Janet Taylor
Our business is 10 years old this year, for 8 of those 10 years David has looked after us and been there when we have had a problem, always solving it. On the very few occasions we have had an emergency, he has dropped everything and come to us as soon as he was able, sometimes in a matter of an hour or so. I have had, and still have no hesitation in recommending his expertise.

Lawrence Williams
Managing Director
The Consultancy (Southern) Ltd
David has been managing our computer needs over the past 10yrs. His response provided us the immediate technical support we needed through the early days whilst his working knowledge and expertise have helped us to develop a fully networked client server model as the business has grown.

Mark Freeman
DC Systems
Farmer Palmers has been working with David Rickard, Antech, for 10 years. We love the way he works, from his organised contactability to assessment of our needs and then coming out to "fix the problem" or install. He always delivers our computer needs as the business has grown, from one computer to a network incorporating many software systems. This is all done with patience and a smile on his face.

Sandra Palmer-Snellin
Farmer Palmers Farm Park Ltd
David Rickard of Antech has been looking after our computer network for around ten years and has proved himself to be virtually indispensable. I always consult David when it comes to purchasing new equipment and when a problem should arise with our network he always responds without delay and has always been able to resolve our technical issues. Often a quick telephone call to David to outline the nature of our problem will result in his suggesting we should try a couple of remedies, and this invariably does the trick. I consider his charges are reasonable and fair when I compare him to other so called computer experts that have failed to help me in the past…they talk the talk, but do NOT walk the walk.

In conclusion, I would be happy to recommend David Rickard unreservedly… a first class computer specialist and a really nice person to work with.

John Nixon F.inst.S.M.M.
Senior partner
I am Sue Sieger of SJ Video Productions Specialising in Commercial/Aerial photography for 35 years, producing images & short corporate digital films for the local tourist office and commerce.

Since photography and video productions have moved totally to computer usage I was lucky in finding David Rickard who has a wide range of experience in both photography & video production including our office accounts package in fact all spheres to do with running a 21st century business.

I cannot praise enough the advice and service David Rickard has provided especially in such a specialised and skilled profession as mine.

Once David has set up a new program or any major work has been done on any of my computers it is very rare that I have to call him out with a problem once he is happy that all elements are working.

It has been a pleasure in writing this testimonial and should any new client wish to contact me for further information I would be happy to assist.

Sue Sieger
SJ Video Productions
David Rickard has been servicing my computers for nearly 10 years. Always promptly answering my cries for help and never leaving until he has rectified my problems whether with my hardware or software. He has enormous patience when dealing with those of us that are technologically challenged.

Phil Constandinos
First 4 Health & Safety
For a writer with no technological ability and a mass of deadlines to meet, a well functioning computer is essential. I count myself extremely fortunate to have been introduced to David Rickard, my computer angel. He is unfailingly calm, courteous and patient. He arrives when he says he will, rescues my computer from whatever ill to which it has fallen prey, and leaves me and my computer in a much better state than he found us. I really cannot recommend him highly enough.

Judy Hall
I have known David Rickard for some five years and consider myself to be very fortunate to have been able to use his services for all that time. I am very dependant on my computer systems, and have found that whenever I've had a problem or wished to upgrade some part of my facilities I could always call,and rely on, David Rickard's considerable expertise and knowledge. Not only is he a very able, and an utterly reliable professional he is also a very nice person to have a business relationship with. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending David Rickard, and the services he provides.

I have used David Rickard of Antech on many occasions to fix simple and more complex problems. He has always been punctual, courteous, knowledgeable and above all has fixed the problems every time. I have found his rates to be very reasonable compared to other similar businesses and he normally fixes things in super quick time. He explains things to me in simple terms so that I can avoid further problems. I would recommend him to anyone if they want a reliable, confidential and reasonably priced service.

Leah Cross
Sturminster Newton.
I am partially sighted and David kindly helped me choose a suitable computer after I had done a couple of courses for the visually impaired. He installed and configured my special software which is essential for me as I cannot see the screen clearly. He has also set me up with software which scans and reads out any printed matter. As I was a complete novice he has made several visits and his help has always been invalid and also prompt. I can recommend him to anyone with computer problems etc.

Janet Wells
If like us, your business requires a reliable stable system (PC/Mac), to be kept up and running, to meet the demands of every day business, then you should seriously consider the services that David provides. David has literally come to our rescue many times throughout the past eight or so years, and has helped us maintain some important clients, during some stressful times, when our computers have taken a turn for the worst. It is reassuring to know that David is just one phone call away, his customer service and knowledge is excellent, and no matter how busy his day is, he has always returned our calls, and made time to pay us a visit, as soon as he possibly could.

If like us, you thought that purchasing a new PC from a well-known PC manufacturer, with the added expense of next business day onsite technical support, would give you peace of mind, and keep your business up and running with very little disruption, think again!!! Our PC manufacturer wanted us to ship the tower case back to their factory. The turn around time was estimated to be approx two weeks! Even though the PC was under warranty, and we would not have had to pay anything towards repair costs, we could not afford to be down one PC, for such a long length of time, and during one of our most busiest and stressful periods of the year.

So once again, we called David. He paid us a visit, and once all the parts that he had ordered came in, he had us back up and running within days.

Over the years, David has given up his valuable time and expertise, to advise us on best practise, and the purchase of new equipment. He has helped our business move forward in a more efficient and secure manner.

If it is essential that your business requires your computer system to be up and running, to meet those important deadlines and your clients needs, get in touch with David, he will provide you with an excellent friendly service.

We consider David to be a very important cog in our business, and over the years a good friend.

Samantha Cook Photography
Our computer systems play an important role in the day to day and smooth operation of our business. Antech have always responded quickly and helped us manage to rectify any problems. Their recommendation of regular 'Health Checks' on our computers has proved to be good preventative maintenance

Simon Boshier
Avon Self Storage
David has been sorting out my computer for 7 or more years. What I like about the service he offers is his reliability and patience and understanding.

Jon Callan
Stained Glass Etc, Dorchester.
We opened our Computer Learning Centre at our Village Hall in 2003, with the expert help of David from Antech. When we have had the occasional problems, David has been able to resolve them very quickly and to our satisfaction. We now have five desk top units running on XP and recently we purchased a new machine from Antech, operating Windows 7, so that we can keep up with the latest improvements from Microsoft. I have recommended Antech to a number of our 'learners' who have sought help with their computers, who have been pleased with his service.

Niall Munro
Durweston Rural Computer Co-operative (DRCC), Blandford.
We've known David Rickard for quite a few years now since he first rescued my computer, David has been incredibly reliable and I can't fault his response when we have a problem or wish to add to our system, and he's been very helpful with advise by email or phone when needed.

Sara and Simon Butt
Simon Butt Carpentry
Having been a client of David Rickard at Antech for the past 14 years. I would recommend his services to anyone. He has built PC's for me from scratch, carried out repairs and upgrades whenever necessary and given helpful advice and guidance most willingly.

He provides a speedy, efficient and reliable service at very competitive rates.

Chris Groves
CG Signs, Dorchester.
David has been helping me with my computers for 14 years. In this time he has been a great help sorting out my computers. He is very reliable.

Bob Pavey
My name is Monica Williamson. I have known David Rickard since I purchased my Apple Mac some 6 months ago & have found him to be a very patient and excellent tutor, besides being technically brilliant.
I can thoroughly recommend David to you and know that if you were to use his Services to assist you with any problems you may have with your computer he would, in all probability, be able to solve these to your entire satisfaction.

Monica Williamson
I have known David for some years now. He has always been very helpful to me and his work is first class. Whenever possible he dealt with my problems on site, only taking my computer to his workshop when absolutely necessary. For minor problems he has talked me through them on the phone which I have really appreciated. He has kept my original computer, which I still use, in excellent working condition and has upgraded the hardware on more than one occasion.

I do respect his expertise and his integrity, so much so, that a couple of years ago I asked him to build a desktop computer for me to my specification as a photographer and with expert advice from himself. This he did and I have been absolutely delighted with the result. I haven't needed to call him since then for anything, but I know he's there and I highly recommend him.

John Wearing, Bournemouth
When the boiler goes on the blink, it may take time to get it fixed. When there's water coming through the ceiling, it's a plumber - but where and who? If the iMac has a gum up, we need it sorted ASAP. My thanks to David who will do just that. It's wonderful when you ring, frantically, to hear the calming voice saying that he will be back to help within an hour or three. We can cope meanwhile, help is on its way.

Penny Elliott, Poole
Please Call me on 01202 805055 or 07976 805623 for help with your computer problem
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