Remote Support

I would like to think that I give a first class service to all my clients (take a look at my client's comments on the testimonials page if you have any doubt.) Antech has been providing quality on-site support for all computer problems for upwards of 14 years.
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I am always looking for new ways to support computer users, and am often asked for telephone support from my existing clients which, I am happy to offer free of charge, and will continue to do so.

However, some issues are impossible to resolve over the phone as they are too complex to deal with effectively when not in front of the computer in question. Until recently remote support was both slow and ineffective, and I could not recommend these to my clients. In order to resolve the issues raised I had to visit...

I believe this has changed now, and have invested in remote support system software that I am confident will benefit my clients (in certain circumstances..)

What I may be able to do remotely (PC & Mac)...

  • Healthchecks and routine computer maintenance
  • Resolve Windows Registry and OS X software issues
  • Optimize System Configuration and performance
  • Remove unnecessary start-up Items that may be slowing your system down.
  • Perform Hard Disk Maintenance and repair minor hard disk errors
  • Configure and assist with installing and setting up email, and other configuration issues
  • Virus and Spyware removal - though if the computer is badly infected I will probably have to visit.
  • Help with System or Program settings
  • Software Upgrades and Patches
  • Solve minor Windows errors & computer glitches (though not complete system failures.)
  • Routine Troubleshooting
  • Training

Some issues I cannot fix remotely and a visit will be necessary:-

  • Some issues I cannot fix remotely and a visit will be necessary:-

  • Internet connection problems - the service relies on a working broadband internet connection of reasonable speed and, as such this type of problem cannot be resolved using my web-based remote software.
  • Hardware and software problems that cause the machine not to startup or affect its internet connection. Again this will require an onsite visit.
  • Computers suffering from a severe virus infection or badly corrupted hard drive

If I can't fix the issue via remote support you will not be charged for the remote support session - ever!


The overwhelming majority of all computer issues are software related. What this means to you is that I can remotely connect to your computer and resolve your issue without ever having to attend. This has numerous benefits:-

Fast - I can fix your problems quickly and efficiently, with the majority of issues resolved in a single session.

Cost Effective - As an on-site visit is avoided, the costs associated with support are minimised as I can offer help without incurring travelling costs. This could mean for example, getting your minor irritation or niggle fixed, that would not in itself justify the expense of an on-site visit.

Availability - Assuming you have a working broadband internet connection of reasonable speed (4MB+), and are running an English version of Microsoft Windows XP or Mac OS 10.4 or later, remote support is available - even when away from the office.

As I work on your computer, you will be able to watch and observe all repair work, 'live.' Each remote repair session can last anywhere from a few minutes to sometimes several hours, depending on the complexity of the issue at hand.
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